This is a special time of year and a unique day called 'Giving Tuesday'. Opening our pockets to share with those that are building strong youth and mapping a trail for their personal growth, family and community success. No amount is to small or to big. Make a Donation (click Here) or please consider a small Enduring Donation, which is outlined below.

Thank you for sharing this moment and and your continued support in our efforts in shaping stronger individuals for thier success and preframing them in the support of others in the future.

Brian D. Manna
TEMAS Executive Director


As you know, The Educational Martial Arts System (TEMAS) was founded in 1990 in supporting students of the martial arts. Consider the many things TEMAS has done with you and how it has impacted your family. Within many families, our legacy spans multiple generations. TEMAS wants everyone to have that experience and expand our programs to reach more students in need. Please consider a small enduring donation to accomplish this goal.

The opportunities to donate are set forth below. Click on the image level below.


YEAR ROUND TEMAS SUPPORT, a continued subscription based contribution in direct support of educational programs including, but not limited to: Training scholarships, championships, clinics, family aid, and equipment for those in need. All participants will be recognized at the TEMAS headquarters.


Please contact me with any questions about our organization, or our event.  I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for your support. 

A sincere thank you,

Jonathan Stone/TEMAS Representative
The Educational Martial Arts System, Inc.

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